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I am a working mother of four children: 2 girls, and 2 boys. I enjoy quilting, sports and of course - reading!

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Defiance - Lili St. Crow, Lilith Saintcrow This book is better than the last; clicks right along - the action is back. I must've missed what it takes to be bonded. How many times has Dru swapped blood with Chris? I like the Ash storyline, and Dru gets away from the Schola and the Council life. She never belonged there. Other reviews made me less than anxious to read this one, but it wasn't as bad as all that. I rather enjoyed it. Dru 'the badass' is making a comeback. Things I liked: (1)not knowing if Sergej's hold on Ash was severed because Sergej broke Graves in return - eye for an eye, (2) thinking Chris knew Grave's whereabouts the whole time, and unveiling the true mole(3)Dru blooms and is no longer vulnerable, (4) the best part is going on the run again with Graves and Ash