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Perdition - Ann Aguirre

4.5 stars; I am expecting great things from this series.  It has a lot of potential.  Everything you would expect from Aguirre, great story with awesome characters, not too descript, and we get all of the necessary info from dialogue - not from an info dump. 

This is a spin off, so the spin character is Jael (pronounce J.L.)which I never knew in the original series - I always pronounced his name in my head: jail.  But, I couldn't remember what he did in the Sirantha series...I remembered he was part of the crew they picked up along the way and he turned against the group.  So, I will just tell you that he was March's ticket out of the insect prison.  I don't think that is telling anything but it should jog your memory about his purpose in the Jax series.  Jael took March's place in the prison cell so that the crew could make a getaway.

Well, once the bugs(Velith's clan) found out they had been tricked (with March's escape) they quickly sent Jael to a permanent home on the prison ship Perdition.  Perdition is a strange maximum security prison - in that the inmates monitor themselves.  Interesting, huh?  So, the prisoners have divided into groups on the ship...Dred's clan is the one Jael decides to join once he gets there - or rather Dred gave him an offer he couldn't refuse.  Pretty much join us or die...where have I heard this before?  This book is centered around the Dred Queen, but it is full of action, of course Dred and Jael have a connection that Aguirre totally teases us with...good stuff here.  Dred needs Jael to help her survive an uprising on the prison ship. 

Favorite lines:

When we get back, provided we survive, you and I are having a long talk. He flashed her a cocky smile.  I hope it's about our feelings.  I have at least two.  Possibly three.  Does hunger count?

Do the two of you need anything else before we go?  Her boot tapped against the metal floor, the only sign of her impatience. 

A kiss for luck?

Basically, if you love Aguirre - you will love this story. 

The only thing that loses a star; is the small world.  Hopefully, the next book will expand their horizons.  But, other than that one tiny detail - this is a must read.  There is also a small mystery to solve.

Master of Crows - Grace Draven

Just starting this one tonight...

Vampire lovers...this book is for you!

Healer (The Healer Series) - B N Toler

4.5stars for me...I really enjoyed this story.  And I know that I will love the second one as well...from what I can gather it will be based on revenge.  And I love reading about revenge. The only part I felt could have been handled differently was... We didn't find out what the heck was going on until the last fifty pages!  Come on...I like intrigue, but let's not go crazy with it.  I was running scenarios through mynheadmthe entire time, I love guessing!    Other than that one thing and one minor age pet peeve of mine, this was a wonderfully plotted story with a bunch of red herrings, great action scenes and a really good reveal.  No cliffhanger.  this is  a great brain candy vampire book...

Perdition - Ann Aguirre

iis is a very solid start to the new spin off, of the sirantha jaxseries's.  Sirantha is by far my most favorite series to date.  In this perdition installment, jael is sentenced to life in prison.  This prison is like no other.  Perdition is policed by inmates...yes -inmates!  So we are talking action packed scenes.  Jael is recruited by the dred queen.  He quickly finds his place in her court, and they have to fight to stay alive on the prison death star that issin desperate need of repair.  Love all of the characters that are loyal to dred...lots of witty banter, a few red herrings, and a couplewell reveals.  The one problem I had was the setting.  THe prison is The only thing you are imagining...so the wow factor is somewhat low.  But that is the only thing that I felt could have been improved upon...otherwise this is a great book.

The Five Dollar Mail Book 1:The Green (book 1) - Regina Shelley Book was about the life(s) in the day of a pony express station...it was true to the time period. But, It did not end well for me, so I can only give 2.5 stars. Too many loose ends for my liking.
Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake Listened to the audio...obviously, there is something lost there. What? I do not know. A ghost killer named, Cass falls for a killer ghost.Don't do the audio. It took me a long time to finish it. The narrator was August Ross he did okay with the storyline, but the conversation/dialogue and different "voices" were not done well at all.
Rocket Boys: A Memoir (Audio) - Homer Hickam, Beau Bridges This book left me with a really good feeling. It reminds me of the movie, Stand By Me. This story is about a group of young boys that are from a small town - and they end up doing great things. Of course, no one expects them to do anything but work in the coal mines. This group of boys aspire to do something larger than life, and it makes you believe if you work hard enough at acheiving your goals - the sky is the limit! Unlike Stand By Me this story is based on true events instead of eating contests and finding dead bodies. It is totally G rated. I find that most G rated stories are a little lame. But this is a good one. I enjoyed listening to it. Key word there is listening. This is one book that the audio is better than the book IMO. I don't think I can say that about too many books but in this case - it is true. Narrated by Beau Bridges. Beau gets into the characters and you can tell he read and liked the story on a personal level. I have read books that I adore and reread them using the audio version, and it just isn't the same. I would go so far as to say, if I had of listened to those cherished books first - I don't think I would have loved them as much. (This probably only happens to me...)Not with the Rocket Boys. Beau does a wonderful job. If you are looking for a quick, fun, clean,inspiring change of pace...give this a go.You might be pleasantly surprised. I know I was.
Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card When I think that the author started working on the idea for this story in 1967 - I am totally in shock! This guy was WAY before his time. This is a total mind warping book. Basically, the story is about the probable invasion of aliens and their elimination. Where three Wiggin's children were tested and all sent for battle school (Peter, Valentine, and Andrew) evaluation. (They are all three absolutely crazy - IMO) The Wiggin's 'third' kid Ender turns out to be the best candidate for war. Ender gets sent to space and trained to save the world. While his brother and sister stay on Earth working the 'nets' - manipulating the general population's opinion of a cival war back home; but meant to have Peter come into full power on Earth. Ender saves EARTH. Peter rules Earth. Valentine and Ender ride off into the sunset. End of Story. Okay, HOW Ender gets to check mate is where the genius comes in...online gaming, blogging propaganda, etc. Unbelievable. I totally didn't see the reveal coming. I like it when I am fooled.
The Book Thief - Markus Zusak This is a beautiful book. When I first started reading this; I was thinking it was too descript, and moving a little slow. But, by the time I got to the end - I was wishing for more details and looking at how many pages that were left thinking the end was coming too fast. This book is fabulous. Although, it is a tear jerker...so beware. I normally do not read boo-hoo'rs (I didn't cry until THE PART; you will know when you get there) - and this is going on my favorite list with 5 stars - so you know the ending is well done. So, don't let that one minor detail stop you from picking up this wonderful book. You will not be sorry.
Magic Rises -  Ilona Andrews Okay, so this was a great installment in this series. But, it didn't get five stars because it really has to end well for me...and that doesn't necessarily mean I need a HEA for a book to get a five star rating from me. But, it does have to go with the rest of the book. I love Kate and ALL of the "misfits". You can count me in this group as well, Curran! Loved the mystery, the reveals were well done. I really enjoyed it. This is what I think: The monster lore could have been swapped out for the epilogue. One of the reasons why I love the series is because Kate is a merc...so I thought the epilogue was totally relevant to the series. I did skim when they were going off on the history of the monsters. And, I know Curran would have come up with a better line there at the end. I hope the next book starts off with a REDO of that scene. The next book's opening line should begin with: PSYCH! Did you ACTUALLY think I would end a book with a scene like that...THIS is how it really went down! Okay so this is my dream - let's see if it will come true...
The Dead Of Night (The Tomorrow Series, #2) - John Marsden Forgot how good these books are...fave line Ellie is telling a story about church and how she was so excited that she heard the pastor say there were fire crackers after church, and when she showed up she found out that she heard hi, wrong...he actually said choir practice after church! She also mention that god looked after babies and drunks...I don't know if that is true...what about Chris?
Reconstructing Amelia - Kimberly McCreight Not bad, but it loses a great BIG star for the meh ending. Those that know me...know that a book has to end well to get a 5 star rating from me. I don't read too much contemporary stuff, so I thought for not having a fantasy element; and it still kept my interest - was a very good thing. It was a page turner. I love any story that is drawn from diaries, letters, journals, and now I guess txt's and facebook. I think it adds a 'it could actually happen' something to the far fetched stories. This one got to be a little out there...so it definitely helped to have the story told from different media. Loved the story, it was well written and plotted, all kinds of reveals, wonderful themes: (1) oh the tangled web we weave when you practice to deceive, (2) never cheat on your spouse, (1) lies are not free; they are very expensive, (4) if a relationship has to be secret; then you shouldn't be in it... The only problem I have is: I just think the author should have gone with a different ending. Because there were other avenues that I think would have made for a better one.I would recommend it to anyone that doesn't take offense to prop8 or doma. not that the defense of marriage act is discussed in this book, but there are m/m and f/f themes in this book...and that said should be enough to turn phobic people away

Fall of Night (Morganville Vampires Series)

Fall of Night - Rachel Caine The book is solid...just a little long. I wish the books would have stayed around the 300 page mark - like they were in the beginning. Because, there was zero filler in the beginning and the plot clicked along at a better pace. Which slow is good; if your leading couple aren't on the rocks. In this case where the author is trying writing in intrigue through a main couple split - the story better be swift. I like where the story is going...don't get me wrong. The best page turning since the fightclub storylines. I like the little break up, I like the make-ups! Wait until the last book comes out so you don't have to survive the cliffhanger in this book and you can just right into the finale!
Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn This is a great holiday weekend read! It was a page turner. A really sweet college romance. Totally predictable, but I didn't care...it was entertaining. Not an award winner, but if you are looking for windshield type of a read, or a HEA and a man sent straight down from heaven this is your next book.
Darkhouse - Karina Halle Recommended by Regina; solid 4 stars! This is just what I needed...I haven't read a book where I highlighted any good parts for QUITE some time. I think the main character is a medium; and maybe Dex too - the book doesn't come right out and say this...(but that is what I think they are.) Without revealing too much, Perry and Dex cross paths and end up trying to capture a ghost on film that is haunting an old lighthouse. Then finally starting a webshow about ghost hunting. There are a couple of interesting plot twists that I really enjoyed. I can't remember reading a book based on ghosts that I have enjoyed more. This is a great start to this series...my favorite parts are any scene with Dex and my favorite lines were: (1) I felt like I was about to go on a very bad date. (2) I had a sudden urge to jump out of the car. I wondered at what speed that would become a stupid idea. (3) Okay, maybe it wasn't that unfortunate. the seats themselves were damp and a bit moldy, whereas Dex's leg was firm and warm. Did I mention firm? and warm? I think the heroine is very funny...can't wait to read the next one.
The Culling - J.C. Andrijeski 3.5 stars for me; good sci-fi - ...basically this was an alien abduction; with a human rebellion in the background. I like Jet. However, not enough information was given about any of the other characters; or...Jet found out on the very last pages that everything she thought about those characters was false. So, no true info about the other characters. I am on the fence about every other character. Jet has joined the rebellion. I wish it would have ended with a fight or something. The writing is very good. Descript. I was never bored; favorite part was Jet's fight with the TRex. No real memorable quotes. In the end - it was better than decent. I will read the rest of the series someday.