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Club Dead - Charlaine Harris I thought the Dallas one was a little better than this Jackson one...it was still good though. In this one Bill is consumed with a secret task given to him by the Vampire Queen of Louisiana and has to leave town AGAIN. This is starting to become the norm with Bill, always giving Sookie his back side. Sookie is starting to see signs that she might not be first on Bill's list. Bill winds up missing and Sookie (with the help of Eric) goes after him to Jackson MS. Eric finds Sookie an escort (shifter) named Alcide, so that she can read the minds of party goers at the Club Dead. I kind of like Alcide, and to be truthful - Sookie did too! I am starting to get a soft spot for Bubba as well. Well, Sookie finds out that Bill has been unfaithful to her and ends of offing Lorena. She had it coming. Eric and Sookie are working together more in this book; and I think Eric is falling for Sookie for more reasons than wanting to bed her. Eric sees how faithful Sookie is and devoted - and I don't think he has ever met anyone male or female with a bigger heart than Sookie. Eric is definitely more attentive than Bill, but I would rather see her with Sam or Alcide right now. Sookie winds up saving Bill and saving Eric in this one. Favorite scene toward the end when Sookie makes a phone call to save Bubba. Favorite line was: If she was human; I would take care of her myself! I wonder when Sookie will start working at Fangtasia...