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Aftermath - Ann Aguirre Sweet Jesus! I love Ann Aguirre!(I may ramble here...because I am in shock.)Okay so do you remember reading Gone With the Wind? Do you remember wanting to slap some sense into Scarlett and tell her to take notice of the love and happiness she could have had if she had only realized she was meant to be with Rhett SOONER! (I know, but where is the fun in reading about that, right?) The list is endless of the underdog guys that get the shaft...recently it is: Myrnin, Adrian, Aren/Kyol, etc. You get my drift. Well, our dreams of the other guy are coming true! Things I loved: the sci-fi really kicks in here (I thought that the romance was more prominent in previous installments), everyone scatters...which leaves us with more possibilities and our favorite charachters can make cameos, ooooh and VELITH he has been a favorite of mine from the get-go, and I am starting to like Sirantha. Which sounds strange but I was always more fond of the supporting charachters than I was of her - prior to this book. She is now a favorite heroine of mine.I am so glad I went in blind with this book. I have put it off because I heard it may upset me; so... In my mind, I was thinking that she was going to dog March somehow and sabotage her life and everyone around her - (like Chess does to Terrible) but I was dead wrong. This book is awesome. I should have read it right away. The beginning I was unsure of the direction Ann was leading us...but right after the trial when she finds out who had the barrister connection - I was locked in.Favorite lines:I wonder now what happened to Jacob Kernak, if he was murdered in his bed or if he ate his gun after turns of living with the memory...It's easy to do right when everything goes right. But let everything go wrong, and see how difficult it becomes. (this really struck a chord with me...and realized Jax's need to set things straight with a few people)You and Vel, huh? I'd have thought it would be more insect than reptile, but love works in myterious ways. But you gotta tell me, how-This is an all time favorite for me.