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Vampire lovers...this book is for you!

Healer (The Healer Series) - B N Toler

4.5stars for me...I really enjoyed this story.  And I know that I will love the second one as well...from what I can gather it will be based on revenge.  And I love reading about revenge. The only part I felt could have been handled differently was... We didn't find out what the heck was going on until the last fifty pages!  Come on...I like intrigue, but let's not go crazy with it.  I was running scenarios through mynheadmthe entire time, I love guessing!    Other than that one thing and one minor age pet peeve of mine, this was a wonderfully plotted story with a bunch of red herrings, great action scenes and a really good reveal.  No cliffhanger.  this is  a great brain candy vampire book...