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Perdition - Ann Aguirre

iis is a very solid start to the new spin off, of the sirantha jaxseries's.  Sirantha is by far my most favorite series to date.  In this perdition installment, jael is sentenced to life in prison.  This prison is like no other.  Perdition is policed by inmates...yes -inmates!  So we are talking action packed scenes.  Jael is recruited by the dred queen.  He quickly finds his place in her court, and they have to fight to stay alive on the prison death star that issin desperate need of repair.  Love all of the characters that are loyal to dred...lots of witty banter, a few red herrings, and a couplewell reveals.  The one problem I had was the setting.  THe prison is The only thing you are imagining...so the wow factor is somewhat low.  But that is the only thing that I felt could have been improved upon...otherwise this is a great book.