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Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead The writing is very good. Don't get me wrong. The story started out really good and then in took a hard left. In the beginning, there are unknowns: who killed the queen, how are they going to find the killer, find the love child, what is going to happen with the love triangle... I had actually forgotten that Rose could 'see dead people'. Then the old man helps mastermind Rose's escape and she goes on the run with Dimitri - too early in my opinion. Right then and there, you knew how things were going to end up. No need in finishing. She let the reader off the hook too early. Although, I did finish. I was too anxious for the thing to finally come out - not to finish. So-so finish. I think Richelle was rushed or pressured to come up with page filler. I hope she does better with Dorian and Carter...