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Iron Crowned - Richelle Mead Kiyo needs to go...I don't know why Eugenie can't see how wonderful Dorian is? This is a two star book; only getting an extra star for the final two chapters. There wasn't a good flow to the plot. Eugenie spent awkward scenes in transition to this world and the next...such as the whole dating kiyo again - "We fell into our old routine of TV and sex; or something". She wasn't even doing any banishing really; and the PI never really came into play. That made for a dull filler waiting for the kidnapping and land transfer to take place, and then some more filler before the cliffhanger bomb was dropped... twins! The actual part about finding/getting the crown was too short. Then the sex thing afterwards was weird. Dating again lead to avoiding the otherworld, so Eugenie was away on a sexcapade, allowing her sister to be taken was a little too perfect and rushed. Whatever happened to funny gentry babyshowers, and helping her people find water. I don't know if I am disappointed in this book because it didn't turn out like I thought or what? If you are a Kiyo lover you will most certainly enjoy it. This Bud's for you! Otherwise, if Dorian is close to your heart (like mine); then this story will break your heart. The very first few scenes where Dorian and Eugenie were a couple, and he was 'admiring' Eugenie's dress (stolen from AH's comments...priceless); then reading Dorian's vast difference in opinion from Kiyo's take on FATHERHOOD were the best! I hope Dorian kills Kiyo - just like Leith!