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Unearthly - Cynthia Hand Three and a half stars...I was a little miffed that the mom wasn't sharing or teaching Clara more. I mean she is your daughter for mercy's sake! Then Clair got perturbed, just as any human would. I immediately caught on that it could only mean that the mom was key in Claire's purpose. I found it odd that the angel friend didn't play a part in the ending in some way or another. What about the brother? I liked the slow build of the relationship. Well done. Making the end totally believable... After the purpose comes and goes, everyone goes home, gets into bed and replays the events of the day - like any other day. Things will never be the same - the end. I wish it would have ended about five or so pages, before it actually did. all in all, this is my third angel book, it wasn't half bad. Good suspense, slowly building the plot, decent action, and a sweet summer romance - pretty good read.