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A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin This is a good one. I was totally invested in a few key charachters. spoiler: ..so when Ned died, I did too. I really slowed down and started skimming after that. Searching for something to spark my interest again.I had the same feeling when Sirius Black died... It lost a star for that. Otherwise a great story. I was worried about the switching story lines with every chapter, I had heard that was distracting, but I didn't think it was all that bad. This story will leave you guessing. The Stark Family is my favorite, except Sansa and Catelyn. There are a bunch of others...too many to name. Cersei can't die soon enough in my opinion. I thought at first I was really going to like Dany, but her chapters got a little weird. I don't care about her anymore. I am totally on the King of the north's team!spoiler: ...I think Jon is actually Ned's nephew...I thought I was going to like Tyrion more. I can't like him...I just can't. Jon was my fave. The story is left wide open. but, I will probably wait a good long while to read the next one.