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Succubus Revealed - Richelle Mead I am glad I read it... I am a big fan of Carter and Roman. So when they turned out to be heroes; that made my day! I want to know what Roman was going to say to Georgie as she was leaving the bowling alley. Do we know how the gift exchange came out? Why wasn't Carter wearing Georgie's hat at the end...it was winter time right? I thought this was an adult romance? One and a half romps...you have got to be kidding me! But, on the other hand I don't care to read another scene from the Georgie and Seth show - BUT she could have let Georgie refuel somewhere? These were just some things that popped into my mind while reading a pretty enjoyable book. My suggestion would be if you read Succubus Blues and liked Roman, stop reading this series at the standard Mead 3 or 4. If you read Succubus Blues and thought Seth was the cat's meow...then read the entire series. My favorite scene was when Carter dressed up like Santa for the Mortensen girls!