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Dracula - Bram Stoker At the very heart this is a scary love story with many themes: forbidden love, colonialism, and heaven and hell. There is also a "knowledge is power" lesson mixed in. I enjoyed the story very much. Reading a book through journals, adds a bit of truth, to an otherwise far fetched story. I can see that Dracula's tale would be very real to those that were uneducated in that time era. Faith was everything, and the Count was the devil himself.Count Dracula wants to spread his empire. Choosing his new home(s)very wisely. He employs Jon to handle the business end of his move. Dracula plans on feeding Harker to his three brides once the paperwork has taken place and his move to England is in order. Jon knows what the brides intend to do to him - kill him. He knows that the sexy women will be the death of him and he "wants" them too - only Jon escapes... Dracula goes on with his move as planned and begins to prey on Lucy and(Jon's wife)Mina. The men assemble (Dr. Van Helsing, Jon, Quincy, and Lucy's husband)and eventually figure out that the Count is feeding from their women and they come up with a plan to flush Dracula out of his new haunts and send him packing. When the Count figures out what the men have planned he "bonds" with Mina telling her that he has fed from her three times. He forces her to drink from him; completing the bond. Then Dracula flees to his castle in the Carpathian Mountains. Thinking he has outsmarted the men and will send for Mina via the "trance" - and she will be compelled to follow him "home".But, Van Helsing uses Mina's bond to track down Dracula and kill him - releasing Mina from his trance.The story drags a little while the men are figuring out what is wrong with Lucy and Mina.