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Shadow Heir (Dark Swan 4) - Richelle Mead It could have been a LOT better. I read the excerpt prior to the actual release because I could hardly contain my excitement. I was let down then. It read like a chapter out of some book on pregnancy. I thought RM might have a little first time mother in her and I threw that out of my mind because - being a first time mom is EXCITING! But, most of us have been there done that and can write our own book... Moving on, I am still uber excited about the release date. I download it and dig in. Dorian refers to Ohio as Ohoho and Eugenie goes into hiding. That takes us through the first half of the book. I am not joking. This is what really bugs me. Eugenie was raised by Roland - who treated her like she was his own daughter. Roland also took down Eugenie's biological father. So, why (OH, WHY!) wouldn't it be okay for Eugenie to allow Dorian to raise her children and take out that sperm donor of Eugenie's? If only it turned out that way, ladies... They are DORIAN's!!!!! Which changes things in a good way. Because, I didn't expect that Mead would actually allow it to happen. But, it was so boring up to that point, that it wasn't that enjoyable of a reveal for me. Does anyone else feel the same? I feel cheated.Not to mention Eugenie withheld it from Dorian...which is almost as wrong as Kiyo suggesting an abortion - let's face it...that is 10 kinds of wrong! I was crushed when I read that this information was withheld from him. Poor Dorian. No excuses for that.I mean going into detail about the day/field trips with the random teacher guy could have been swapped out for begging Dorian to stay with her on the final night she spent in the Otherworld and falling asleep with Dorian's hands on the babies. Nope. Couldn't be anything that good, girls... I mean noboby even got felt up until I was 80% complete! Give me a break... The token appearance from Eugenie's weirdo house sitter in Arizona could have been swapped out for more Volutian.My favorite scene was when the mermaid type things hypnotized everyone, and even that could have been a little more heartfelt and romantic. I felt like in the other books that Eguenie had actual feelings for Dorian, but now I know Dorian is too good for her and Eug actually belongs with the Kitsune. Who treats the people they love like this? I mean Dorian is getting beat to a pulp and it hardly gets a reaction out of Eugenie. She should have put the Storm King wrath down on those candy Yew people's asses!And, that is about all I have to say about this book.