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Kill the Dead - Richard Kadrey I really enjoyed reading this book. It took all of the really good charachters fromt he first book and made them GREAT charachters in this one! Kasabian, Lucifer, Kinski, Carlos, Candy and the alchemist couple...I love them all. The one charachter that I didn't care for was the porn star zombie killer. I didn't like her, but you can't like them all. There is a wonderful twist that I didn't see coming which I really enjoyed. Of course there are wonderful quotes like: "Heaven for the weather and Hell for the company...Kas call it the "pussy wagon", but I can't go there...I call it the "magic carpet", and then yeah, I have the devil on speed dial." There is plenty of action to go around the world twice! My favorite scene would be the one with Johnny the Savant and anything with Lucifer in it!