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Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh Okay, the book had a slow start, but a great finish! At first I was just reading about bedroom eyes and a real estate deal. Yes, you heard me right. They were going to build really big dog houses. Then it made a much needed left turn into bringing a serial killer to justice. Okay, now you have my interest...much better. The only bad thing is...if you didn't know who the killer was right off the bat then you have to be pretty dense. Good things: The whole psynet really had me. I was very intrigued about how it, and how it all worked and then mixing in the changlings. Every other book I have read about changlings meant a faery in the human world so imagine my surprise when they are actually big cats and dogs! This book really makes the term "mind fucking" come to life...I skimmed a little when they got hot on the killer's trail and everyone was debating about whether or not the main character would be the bait or not! I was yelling in my own psymind..."Just go in and do it already!" The bad guy gets what is coming to him... Extra points for that. I really dislike it when a book just skirts around a villain's passing. I need revenge. All in all it was a pretty entertaining book, definitely for PN romance readers only...