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Unholy Magic - Stacia Kane Maybe it wasn't a happy ending. But it was a hell of a lot better than she'd expected. You and me both, Chess. I can honestly say I thought she was going to overdose, commit suicide or something...I didn't see how it was going to work out. I like stories that I can't figure out until the end. This book improved on the first and definitely gave us something to look forward to. I was so scared around chapter 18...I certainly saw that coming from the very first chapter - but still totally shocked me. "Truething, Chessiebomb." I guess she had to hit rock bottom, before she can start digging herself out. Terrible remains my favorite, although Lex had a few funny quotes...the one about the possible knife fight with a drawf had me chuckling. I am glad Terrible continues to keep her at arms distance - that girl needs it...and deserves most of it. Some of their secrets came out...very interesting. Do these people have skeletons in their closets or what? Wow. Totally captivated me...this is a great book. I guess we learn something new everyday, ladies. I use the look up function on my iPad all the time, but last night was the first time I used the webdictionary: clapperclaw. I am not going to say anything else. You will have to look it up yourself. That Lex, he is a funny one!