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Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris I am just starting this series...I know, right! Where have I been? It is just that starting a series with 10+ books is a little overwhelming to me; then I felt like I would have to watch the show - and read the books BEFORE watching said TV show...you get the picture.Not too bad, though. Telepathic barmaid, named Sookie, in a small town - (I am picturing a blond Daisy Duke...) and everyone has the hots for her. Oh, and everyone has the hots for her brother too. What is with the weird names these days? So, SOOKIE gets the hots for a vampire named Bill. They fall in love while a murderer is out killing people at night in Bon Temps, LA. It appears that the killer is either Jason (Sookie's brother), or Bill (Sookie's vampire lover). While Sookie is trying to read the minds of the people in Bon Temps to find the real killer; her and Bill make the mistake of going to a FangBanger bar that is owned by the area Vampire Boss, Eric to follow up on some leads. Add Eric's name to the list that wants to bed Sookie. Sam, Sookie's boss would be on that list, as well. Speaking of bedding Sookie - she is a virgin. I was shocked with all of the talk of hymens, etc. that had been going on. Really was a good scene around page 150 or so...totally believable in my opinion. I really like Sam in my opinion. I wonder if things will ever pan out with him. He seems to really care for her. Unlike the others that appear to just want to get in her pants. Finding the killer and taking him down seemed rushed. I was pissed Bill left her at such a critical time. Selfish bastard. The whole scene with three boyfriends at the very end was a little weird. But, did the trick; because now I want to see what happens. Reading on...