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Living Dead in Dallas - Charlaine Harris Okay, I see why everyone loves Eric! Add me to that list, as well... Bill and Sookie get sent on a diplomatic vampire mission to Dallas. Of course, Sookie saves the day - no help from Bill. Good ole Eric just HAPPENS to tag along; hardly coincidence. Meanwhile back in Bon Temp, Andy Bellefleur is suspected of murdering Sookie's gay coworker. Eric and Sam attend a diplomatic session with the Dallas shifters; and Sookie and Eric attend a human orgy to pick the brains of the attendees for information to clear Andy's good name. This whole orgy scene start to finish was my favorite. My favorite line is: Sookie, my little bullet sucker! I prefer Eric, but Bill's background story gave him some merit as to why he would deserve to be with Sookie. Maybe he isn't so bad...we'll see. Loved Eric's orgy get-up!