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City of Ghosts - Stacia Kane Right up! I am definitely digging this story...love Chess, Terrible, Lex, and Edsel. I even love Sela! Chess is depressed from ruining her relationship with Terrible and decides to drown herself in work and pills. She winds up taking on a top secret case (for the money) with the Grand Elder's daughter, Lauren, who is an investigator for the Black Squad - I am thinking the squad is like the FBI or something like that... Chess is magically bound not to discuss the case with anyone that isn't directly involved with it - so when Bump gets wind of the investigators in Downside; he has Terrible start tailing/meeting Chess so that Bump gets the knowledge. Working with Terrible/Lauren is taxing Chess and she is taking more pills to get through the day. There is a point in this book where I began to wonder about Chess's power, and think...shit. Chess could be just as powerful as some of these people if she weren't taking 15 or so pills a day! Lauren is a royal pain in Chess's ass. Lauren and Chess get into some close calls together, which made me wonder if Chess was finally going to get a good 'girl' friend (in Lauren) - no dice. Because there have been a lot of times where I thought Chess desperately needed a good girlfriend! But, Chess works better alone... Chess is a stud. I mean she can magic herself out of anything, and if magic won't work then she will kick you in the nads or pull your hair out by the root - she ain't fucking around! How about that bag of hers? Sweet Jesus that is almost as cool as Hermione's in the Dealthy Hallows. She has got everything in there: herbs, snake, mirrors, drugs and spare panties. I loved seeing Chess and Terrible try to work things out in this book, and I hope Chess doesn't take Terrible for granted in the future. I didn't see the end coming, I had my doubts about a couple of characters but had no idea of how the end came about - which is so nice. Who wants to read typical? Not me. This story is far from ordinary. If you haven't taken a trip to Downside you must do so, today! Favorite scene: the bar and car ride afterward. Favorite line: Let em all get the thought I were in here on my alone? What I enjoy most about this series: Chess and Terrible are a real couple with the real problems and real consequences.