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Beyond the Highland Mist (The Highlander Series, Book 1) - Karen Marie Moning Not too shabby...3.5 starsFirst of all I love faery books. If you don't like the fae, don't bother. But, if you do, then this needs to be on your list. About a wronged woman in today's time, and a wronged man in the 1500's...Adrienne is thrown back in time by a faery and falls in love with Hawk. The faery that brought them together is actually Puck,and he is playing a game...toying with their emotions because Hawk slept with the fairy queen back in the day,and the fairy king is pissed. If you enjoy a slow building relationship, you will love this book. Plenty of romance, torment, and steamy bedroom scenes...big HEA in this one. Even through you could see it coming a mile away it was still enjoyable to read.