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Mind Games - Carolyn Crane OOOOH, this was really good. It is about a group of individuals. Each with a special characteristic and they use this trait/tick against criminals...to break them down and then rehabilitate them so that they can live safely in society. The heroine's trait is hypochondria. So, Justine gets all of the cases where the individual is susceptible to believing that they have a rare illness. There is a good mystery surrounding (what I thought was)the love interest - Packard. (I secretly like him.) But, then I get whammied by the surprise love interest! (I also secretly like, Simon...I don't know why - I just do.) The group of disillusionists are a great bunch of characters. I can tell they are going to carry this series. (There is a drunk disillusionist, a gambler disillusionist, etc.) Justine gets herself in a pickle in the middle of the book. I am thinking if this is JUST the middle of the book; then the ending is going to be FANTASTIC! I will have to admit that getting to the end, and I thought that Packard and SOMEBODY (whoever the disillusionists ended up pinning the crime wave on) would have a big Zinging showdown came and went without much of any to-do about it...was a little bit disappointing. There was a good ending - it just wasn't what I was envisioning. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.One thing that did bug me...Cubby. Don't EVER use a name like "Cubby" for a grown male! He may as well have been experiencing tummy aches and needed his mama to tuck him in bed at night.