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The Renfield Syndrome (Rhiannon's Law, #2) - J.A. Saare I think this book is awesome. There is absolutely zero filler reading here... One action packed chapter to the next. Saare knows how to tell a story. (and I am not a real fan of time travel books - I had no trouble keeping up) Rhia is my new favorite heroine. My heart broke several times over...Gabriel, Paine, Jennifer...aye-yi-yi. Rhia can take it; but boy can she dish it out too! The horrific visuals I had in the first book, came back in this one. She flat can kick some arse. Rhia rips the ears off of a gal...holy shit! She has experienced, witnessed so much effed up shit in her life; she is beyond feeling guilty about ending someone else's life - especially if she deems the person/thing she is fighting a piece of shit. You are a goner... Then on the other hand she is highly protective of those she loves (those same people are just as protective of her...). Including, Gabriel, Paine, Goose, Jenn - or anyone that can't protect themselves. There are so many deals with demons going on in this book. I kept thinking, Oh crap, Rhia - what loophole are you leaving on the table this time! Really well plotted; I had no idea it would turn out the way it did. Favorite line: You don't touch me. Not now, not ever. If I feel your fingers so much as brush against my hair, you're not getting them back. Favorite scene: When Rhia kills She-Ra, or when she protects the little girl named Jennifer, or when the deals started to unfold there at the end, or any scene with Paine in it...I can't make up my mind. It was good from start to finish. Not to be missed...