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Caressed By Ice - Nalini Singh I was looking forward to a male psy story. I may have had my expectations too high. This is a instalove book. I am okay with love at first sight if I can see some reason to fall in love as they grow as a couple. Judd and Bren share a link from when Judd fed Sasha his power so that Sasha was able to heal Bren after she was raped and tortured by Enrique. Okay so we have a link...that we were only told about. (no touching, no kissing, no hugging - nothing to make you think that the link is anything more than trama enduced lust.) Then some random attacks happen that are made to "look" as if the other side is to blame. Judd asks Hawke if he can take an assignment outside of the den. Hawke lets him. Judd winds up in a cabin and Bren follows him - drawn by their "link". They have a few close calls together, and in this time I think we were supposed to "get" their relationship. I didn't get it. At one point Bren says, "How can you go away and give up on US!" I am screaming - WHAT US! You can't even touch each other. I thought it had a lot of potential being Judd had TK powers, etc. But, it wasn't believable enough for me...which is saying something because I can stretch my imagination pretty far sometimes. Turns out this was just too far-fetched. There is one other book in this series that I am going to read because it was recommended to me by a fellow goodreader. I hope it is much better.