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Dead on the Delta - Stacey Jay It was okay. I usually am go-go-ga-ga over a faery book with cops and robber action...but for some reason I wasn't feeling it. For me Annabelle should have been more disturbed by the murder and mutilation of a small child in the beginning. Then she hops on her bicycle and rides around town on her way to the police station? After being attacked by a drug addict. Was there any signifigance to the woman? Is she supposed to be with Cain, or Hitch? I don't know...I don't much care for either man. They didn't seem to be that into her... What did Marcy have to do with the murder? Who is the big guy, or Tucker for that matter? Did it come out...I must have missed it. I don't think it flowed very well. What about the cat finding the ring - anything important there? Hitch and Steph added to the plot, but I would have like to have more scenes with them in it so that way I would have more emotional investment in the couple drama. The caught on tape scene was the best in the book. I didn't even highlight any quotes...it wasn't bad - just a weird one.