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Dirty (Dan and Elle #1) - Megan Hart This book started out to be the best book I have read in this genre. I haven't read that many erotic books (mostly historical romance, or paranormal romance), but it was by far the best in its class...until the end. I had the same feelings when I read the Outlander. Outlander was headed straight for my all time favorite's list - until the weird exorcism of Jaime's arsehole in the abbey close to the end of book. Why was that necessary? I was shaking my head and asking myself the same question here. Why, oh why? It had so many things going for it... What did I expect; it is after all in the title! Hey if you like those sick twisted endings - this book is for you. If you are a big fan of this genre - it is a must read. BUT, if you are like me and don't like the sick disturbing endings that seem to be thrown in for shock value; you might try something else. What really made me the most upset was the mother KNEW and allowed it to happen!!! YUCK This book was not at all bad. It was actually pretty awesome right up until 70% or so...you have been warned.