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Midnight Awakening - Lara Adrian I recently read Caressed by Ice. It is a similar story to this one (tortured/cold man that has sworn off relationships of any kind), but Lara Adrian does it way better. Midnight Awakening is about Tegan and Elise. They both have lost loved ones in the war against Minion/Rogue vampires. Elise has sworn revenge for the lost of her husband and only son. Tegan has been fighting rogues for hundreds of years and isn't done yet! This story has a lot of action, a decent mystery, and it is a slow build of a relationship. Elise can hear other people's thoughts but can't control it - so much that she breaks down with devestating migraines and nose bleeds. She intercepts a package that Marek has been waiting for and is also crucial for the next phase of his master plan - take over Boston. Tegan and Elise embark on a mission to find out what the journal means and put a stop to Marek once and for all. Favorite part: when they head to Prague. Well done.