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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James I like any book that gets people that wouldn't otherwise be interested in reading, to read a book, to stay up late, and email me all day about it. So...I gave it 4 stars. The gals I work with talked me into reading this one, and I am so glad I caved. It isn't prize winning stuff, but it is a conversation piece. My coworkers are NOT avid readers, but they ate this book up. We have had a ton of fun, with email around the office. Laters, twitchy palms... They had me stitching up my sides! So, as a group, our favorite parts were the initial contract discussion and "situation" that came from that, the emails (any and all of them), the graduation, the trip to Georgia, meeting the parents, the wine in bed, and any scene involving a tie or an elevator! Favorite lines: Laters, baby! My palms are twitching, or stow your twitchy palms, and SHOUTY capitals! Lots of fun to be had here...I would recommend this book to anyone who reads romance, enjoys a tortured character, or who likes the slow build of a relationship based on love at first sight.