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The Ripple Effect (Rhiannon's Law, #3) - J.A. Saare 4.5 stars...this didn't disappoint. Basically, Rhia has the amulet and Sucker...and Disco's boss wants them both. I am thinking the whole time - You can't give them either, but how are you going to get away with it! With the last book we saw another side of Rhia(that I instantly fell in love with); and she didn't disappear on us! A lot of stuff I can't talk about in a review, but just know that this is a great setup for the final installment. I struggle with third books in general because nothing ever seems to really happen and it seems to be a filler/bridge to the final showdown. Although, this book is a bridge to the final installment - IT IS A VERY GOOD BRIDGE! Plenty of action, ooh and ahh, and never a dull moment...I heart Rhia. Her anger and need for revenge is contagious...There are some very good quotes in here. "Pussy, nothing but a pansy ass motherfucker who ran away from a human. A servant. Word will spread through Hell. Everyone will know what a coward you are. I hope you're ready to take it up the pooper like a big boy!" Even some new charachters...Bane. I am intrigued with him. I can't wait to see if and how Disco and Rhia become King and Queen of NYC!