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The Siren - Tiffany Reisz This story is twisted. In the end, it wasn’t for me. Although, there are some really good things going on in here… First of all, there are a couple of the best reveals I have ever read (even though I didn’t care for what was revealed). Good pacing and great character depth. The story is set in NYC, so no real world building issues either. Good dialogue, and well written. Even with all of those really good things I have come to the realization that the erotica genre isn’t my cup of tea.There are a couple of things that I feel a reader should know before taking this story in. this story has a horrific stereo type sexual assault by a Priest storyline……this sickened me. Not necessary. I am terrible at picking out books to read. Maybe it is my terrible choices…please someone save me. I won’t try another book in this genre unless it doesn’t have some borderline mentally disturbed ending. There has to be some story out there that has sexy times in it – AND the characters doing the deeds are indeed adults, are sane (haven’t been abused as children), and aren’t MARRIED! This book hit all of the no-no’s for me.Favorite lines:You said he was a virgin. How do you know he isn’t like you? K-dar, Nora said and tapped the side of her nose. Kinksters can smell it on each other. And my Wesley smells like warm vanilla.Wonder what I smell like?Not kink…but not vanilla. Smells like curiosity to me. It killed the cat you know.Another:Americans were a fairly charming group of people. Even New Yorkers, not known for their friendliness, were more immediately affable than most Europeans. He’d decided Americans were quick to like people because they couldn’t conceive of anyone not liking them.I gave the story an extra star for Wesley. I will safe out here – Jabberwocky.