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Endgame - Ann Aguirre The end to a perfect series!I would have liked to have read an epilogue where March and Jax get their matching tats. Also, I would have like to have known March's first name...maybe that is what he tattoes on Jax - his real name!!!! One more request...I was sort of wanting a cameo appearance from Dina and Hit. Favorite line: Tell me, Sirantha, what is it about me that you find irresistible? Is it my gleaming chitin? My eyes? My mandible? No, I have it. My talons drive you wild.I would recommend this ENTIRE series to anyone. We have all read series where you tell the other reader: I would stop after book/chapter 'whatever it is...', or some quirk that really doesn't make sense - but not Sirantha Jax. I will treasure this series, always.