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Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor This is the first beautifully written book that I have read - mostly. Four stars for the first half of the book - 3 stars for the rest. The book starts off with Karou the beautiful, witty, errand girl of the devilish wishmonger with blue hair. There is a lot of intrigue regarding everyone's true identity and purpose, and the teeth deal, in the first half of the book. Then the author changes things up and reveals all of the unknowns to us with characters that aren't established. I didn't feel a connection with the reveal stories...they were just descriptive and flowy. I skimmed. All the while I was having serious side arguments with my iPad. Seriously? When are we going to get back to Karou...anytime now. Anytime. Oh, you get back to Karou on the very last pages...hmmm. The writing was good and I so loved Brimstone and Co., and Karou's friend Zuse. But, at 50% the story stopped with this bunch of characters. I liked the story a lot better when it was being told from the original cast (that was laid out in the beginning). There is a cliffhanger. I feel like I did when Ned Stark lost his head. This is still a really good story. I enjoyed the Poison Kitchen scenes and my favorite line is when Brimstone lectures Karou about only putting necessary items in her body.