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The Rift Walker (Vampire Empire, Book 2) - Clay Griffith I really enjoyed this book. I tried to read it slowly so it would last longer. Some scenes that I liked... "If you believe so strongly that there is another way, then sway Clark to another tactic. Trust me, a woman has ways of wresting control even if she never steps foot in a war council." I thought this was a turning point for Adele. If there was any princess left in her; it was squashed right then and there. She was officially kicked out of the nest - sink or swim. There were a of - "oh shit!" scenes; which really kept you on edge. I really liked that. The romance took a back seat with all of the near death experiences. I was just hoping that all of my favorite characters would remain alive! Thank goodness they didn't kill off the old Colonel yet. I am petrified of Clark and Flay. I don't know what those two are going to do next. I wonder how extensive Flay's blackmail will be? What is going on in Edinburgh - the city? Who doesn't Cesare have on his payroll in Equatoria? I wonder if Mamoru is on Cesare's payroll... He definitely seems to have his own agenda. He just might become permanent allies with Clark - scary. This book did its job, which is to improve on the first and get me geared up for the final installment. Can't wait...