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Magic Strikes -  Ilona Andrews On the favorites list...def 5 stars here.So, I love the best girlfriend Andrea. And, the fact that her and Kate are both struggling in their relationships together. Girl talk. I love it that Rafeal comes to Kate to get the inside scoop on Andrea - cause isn't that exactly what happens in real life? The other thing I love is that Kate is not aware of Curran's advances. She really has no clue. Everyone else has to break it down for her...the soup, then the slipping in and out without her knowing, finally the dinner request. And this isn't because Kate isn't smart - it is just that Curran is that good. This is the BEST plotted courtship that I have ever read. And, no sex... Why can't more authors write romance like this? Favorite scene - pit fighting scenes. Favorite lines are on the last page of the book!This is a must read.