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Graceling - Kristin Cashore Really good, but probably won't read on...I didn't like how things were left. And, it doesn't sound like the reviews for the following books are very good - so I won't taint the good images I have in my head by reading a disappointment.Really loved Po and his family, even the cousins. Also, loved Raffin and company...just glad Randa didn't decide to hurt Raff to get back at Katsa. I was waiting for it, but thankfully it didn't happen. Okay so I know Katsa didn't have a loving upbringing; but come on. You know when you me THE one, right? She should have been all in - at least by the time the end of the book rolled around. It was very emotional when Po made Katsa leave him...wow. Good stuff. But, they don't go their separate ways! What is this? (I don't think I am spoiling anything here when this is written on the cover in the author's notes.)Seriously, a book has to end well for me to really love it. And, it was like reading the Outlander. All the while thinking this book is AWESOME - then the last 80-100 pages are very deflating. Meh.The book deserved a better ending. Redo.3.5 stars