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Song of Scarabaeus - Sara Creasy 3.5 stars a great follow up to the sirantha jax series. It was a great storyline and the whole cypher tech and seeding planets theme was very original. The characters needed a little more umpf. I liked Edie, I just think that she could have been better. I liked the crew members, but a poker party or some kind of friendship building activity would have added a little bit of character depth. The author focused on action, which was good...the story did not lack in that dept. but if you are going to have an obvious love interest, then it would only make sense to put at least ONE romantic scene in the book...and I don't count the make out session in the escape pod as a romantic scene. There was a lot left to the reader's imagination there. Which is different...I can't say that I was too upset that there weren't any bedroom scenes, I was expecting at LEAST a simple declaration of love. Maybe it will be in book two? Which I will definitely read.... There are some really awesome villains, and they get what is coming. Bonus points for that...i love revenge. Good recommendation from Damali!