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Reconstructing Amelia - Kimberly McCreight Not bad, but it loses a great BIG star for the meh ending. Those that know me...know that a book has to end well to get a 5 star rating from me. I don't read too much contemporary stuff, so I thought for not having a fantasy element; and it still kept my interest - was a very good thing. It was a page turner. I love any story that is drawn from diaries, letters, journals, and now I guess txt's and facebook. I think it adds a 'it could actually happen' something to the far fetched stories. This one got to be a little out there...so it definitely helped to have the story told from different media. Loved the story, it was well written and plotted, all kinds of reveals, wonderful themes: (1) oh the tangled web we weave when you practice to deceive, (2) never cheat on your spouse, (1) lies are not free; they are very expensive, (4) if a relationship has to be secret; then you shouldn't be in it... The only problem I have is: I just think the author should have gone with a different ending. Because there were other avenues that I think would have made for a better one.I would recommend it to anyone that doesn't take offense to prop8 or doma. not that the defense of marriage act is discussed in this book, but there are m/m and f/f themes in this book...and that said should be enough to turn phobic people away