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Magic Rises -  Ilona Andrews Okay, so this was a great installment in this series. But, it didn't get five stars because it really has to end well for me...and that doesn't necessarily mean I need a HEA for a book to get a five star rating from me. But, it does have to go with the rest of the book. I love Kate and ALL of the "misfits". You can count me in this group as well, Curran! Loved the mystery, the reveals were well done. I really enjoyed it. This is what I think: The monster lore could have been swapped out for the epilogue. One of the reasons why I love the series is because Kate is a merc...so I thought the epilogue was totally relevant to the series. I did skim when they were going off on the history of the monsters. And, I know Curran would have come up with a better line there at the end. I hope the next book starts off with a REDO of that scene. The next book's opening line should begin with: PSYCH! Did you ACTUALLY think I would end a book with a scene like that...THIS is how it really went down! Okay so this is my dream - let's see if it will come true...