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Bite Club (Morganville Vampires Series #10)

Bite Club - Rachel Caine I like this series. Probably because they are so easy to read, short; really entertaining. *windshield time* I like the characters. I think of each book as a sitcom episode. This book was pretty good. Bishop scheming to regain power by exposing Morganville for what it is - Vamperville. Not to mention, making a pretty penny...because doesn't money make the world go round? Money is the root of a lot of evil. I guess this is true, even for Vampires! I see the end of the series in sight;Mike and Eve's wedding, and Clair attending MIT with Shane somehow...all four leaving Morganville behind which is good. Although, the last 3-4 books weren't like the first 4...this one based on a Vampire run Fight Club with illegal betting on cage fighting, called Immortal Battles, was really a good exciting plot!not to mention the engagement, and the main event...Michael vs. Shane! Plenty of good NEW stuff in this one. One problem I have is: Amelie has lost her edge. You can't have your badass vampire lose her umpff. In my opinion, she needs to be offed somehow...possibly, hopefully by Myrnin!