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Bitter Blood (Morganville Vampires Series #13)

Bitter Blood - Rachel Caine Okay, so we have options now...This is a transition book. It wasn't the best in the series but necessary to keep the story going. The story and characters have done everything they can do in Morganville - it is time to branch out. And, glad that it is heading in this direction. But, I do not like the POV changes in the last couple of books. Didn't care for the ghost storyline this time around...I mean we have already rode that horse with Michael and Claire - no need to revisit with Miranda. I am a Myrnin fan; so him disappearing for half the book doesn't sit well with me either. BUT, I loved the ending with all the new possibilities. Favorite line: If you hear us crying for our mommies, you can come rescue us... Recommended only for Morganville fans.